Making Memorable Facebook Posts

Marketing Your Past Facebook Posts

If you want people to remember a certain post here’s a powerful marketing tip: repeat it!  Sure, you can reword it a little and pep it up with a zippy new (and memorable) pic, but don’t be afraid to repeat a good post.

One of the most common misconceptions about posting on Facebook pages is that you need a constant stream of brand new content and graphics. While it’s true that you don’t want to be boring and post the same old things day after day, the reality is that many, many of the people following your page won’t see all your posts!

1. First, FB’s algorithm simply will not show it to many of your peeps, because they want you to pay for boosting and ads. The best way to ensure a post is seen is to repeat it.

2. Your peeps aren’t always on Facebook and will miss some posts.

3. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings here, but here’s an important truth: If you’re posting about your business, well, that’s really not all that engaging for the vast majority of people, so you will be overlooked. A lot.

4. Generally and statistically speaking, odds are that less than 20% that one of your followers will see the next post you do, so repetition just makes good sense!

“In marketing, memory and repetition go hand in hand.”

5. Do you ever repeat your conventional advertising? Does Walmart or Costco? You betcha! Why? Because it works.

6. Research shows that, as a general rule, people need to hear/see something repeated 7 times before it eventually sinks in, unless they are sitting up and paying very close attention. So trust me, on Facebook, most aren’t.

7. And then there’s the old adage: “Repetition is the mother of memory.” So the axiom here is, “In marketing, memory and repetition go hand in hand.”

Good luck! ~ Mike

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