Core SEO Link Building Service

Link building is good SEO.The true core and power of SEO is still link-building.

Good contextual links indicate to Google that your website’s content is relevant and popular. This increases your Domain Authority. And once search engines discover that your site is authoritative and liked, then they promote you higher in searches bringing you more traffic. So building good quality in-line links that fit naturally with your content elevates your website’s search engine ranking.

We Provide a Healthy and Legitimate Link-Building Strategy

Getting links to your website is like a bleeding sore that never heals. It is time intensive and it’s really monotonous. So we do the heavy lifting for you.

Our Core SEO package creates small authority pages or posts on powerful blogging platforms. And then we link them back to your website. This signals to Google that your website is valuable.

You get to choose your anchor text, and when we’re all finished we’ll provide you the login credential to these posts. So then, this gives you full management of your new links. And as always, you get a complete report when your link-building campaign is completed.

New Original Content

We enlist a team of writers who generate original, semantically relevant content for your chosen subject. And you can select content developed by our Premium English writers or by our Standard Content writers, depending on the degree of verbal excellence you desire. All your content will be 100% original and Copyscape checked.

Here's how it works.

Step 1: Just give us the URLs and Anchor text that you want us to build links for.

Step 2: Take a break! While you’re relaxing our people will be working for you, creating your original content and getting your new quality backlinks set up.

Step 3: Before you know it, you’ve got fresh new Core SEO links, and will receive a full report complete with the credentials for your new properties.

Core Pricing Packages

These are our highest quality “turnkey” link-building packages where we handle the technical and the creative aspects for you – we determine your content, anchors, keywords, contextual links, etc. for you if you aren’t sure what to choose.


Starter Package
$ 199 Standard English
  • 300 diverse foundational backlinks
  • Branded & Plain URL
  • Anchor text variations available


Medium Package
$ 399 Standard English
  • Combination of diverse links
  • 1,000+ Total Diverse Links
  • Anchor text variations included


Large Package
$ 799 Standard English
  • Our Most Powerful Combination
  • Amazing Link Diversity for 2,000+ links
  • + 4-5 Top Quality Permanent High-Power Links

"A La Carte" Link Building

If you know you need links, you understand the different types and what kind you want, and you can handle the technical details — then our a la carte packages are for you!

Not sure what links to use or how to use them? Use our scalable, fully-managed SEO service, starting at $200. 

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