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Start to Leverage this Booming Market

Online Marketing, digital marketing, internet marketing, or whatever you call it, is experiencing dynamic growth. Why is that? As businesses and shoppers pivot from the old media to the new, Ozark Web Design’s Online Marketing Springfield MO campaigns are moving at light speed. 

Why do you need digital marketing? And are the reasons for doing marketing online really valid when you’re just a small local business or a new startup? If you are thinking about those kinds of questions, then this article is for you.

The purpose of online marketing is that you are going to take responsibility for educating and reaching out to new audiences about your brand, organization, or startup through the internet. So if you’re a local business owner in Springfield or you’re planning to start a new business, another question you may be asking is how to get started doing online marketing in Springfield, MO?

Well, this article will cover everything you might need to know about how to start online marketing, what it actually is, different types of online marketing strategies, and more. Let’s get started!


What is meant by "online marketing"?

Online marketing is a way of creating brand representation through various tools across multiple internet platforms. It refers to any digital marketing efforts or assets. And the primary purpose of online marketing is to begin the engagement process between the audience and your brand while starting up the conversation.

For example – social media marketing, email marketing, and even blogging are excellent examples of online marketing that help introduce your company to audiences and help them to become customers. However, some brands prefer to use it primarily for lead generation while others do online marketing for brand positioning. So, to simplify the meaning, online marketing is a process that combines the internet’s technical and creative tools while focusing on your primary business models by using:

  • Lead-based Websites
  • Local Search
  • Social Media
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Email

Each of these marketing elements includes design, development, advertising, and sales.

Brand words cloud on a virtual screen showing brand positioning, advertising, business idea, marketing, etc.

The primary purpose of online marketing is to begin the engagement process between the audience and your brand while starting up the conversation.

How do I "do" online marketing?

It isn’t rocket science. As business owners or startups, there are several ways to start small and work your way up. With enough effort and a proper mindset, you can start doing online marketing on your own, if necessary. Still, hiring a marketing consultant is preferable as they have vast experience along with expert SEO knowledge. In fact, an effective digital marketing campaign will pay for itself. So most of the time, startup businesses benefit more quickly when they can hire their marketing out to be done by professionals.

Build Relationships via Social Media Channels

Social media is just networking, it isn’t a mystic language (regardless of what some “pros” want you to think). So don’t let guru jargon and the manic pursuit of “likes” or “retweets” scare you off. Ask a question, treat others the way you want to be treated, and don’t just push your sales agenda. And engage others in a conversation, answer questions, be helpful, and seek to honestly present the value of your products to the audience.

So don’t worry, you can handle social media smoothly if you’ve successfully attended any networking event.

Involvement with Local Media

Some members of your local media might be willing to work directly with you (the business owner). Follow journalists and bloggers that cover your industry-related info and start sharing their content through likes, comments, retweeting, etc.

Participating in a public community and relationships is an essential, and often overlooked, tool for expanding your online marketing to Springfield, MO, or wherever you may be located, and beyond.

Start Blogging

Since you are involved in your industry and have a level of expert knowledge, simply start to write about it. Tell your story. You need to realize that blogging has several real benefits, including credibility, authority, and building brand awareness. Plus, blogging can impart serious SEO benefits to your website.

Follow a suitable format while blogging, because search engine rankings have repeatedly demonstrated increased conversion rates by doing so.

Emails Speak to the Recipient

Despite all the nifty marketing tools at our grasp, email marketing still remains a successful way to gather your audience’s attention and inspire them to purchase products and services. The more targeted these email messages are, the more fruitful they are in sending people to your website or affiliate links.

Content for Your Audience

About 61% of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that deliver highly relevant content. And connecting with a potential customer is easier when you understand their pain and then focus on solving their problems with your tailored content.

The content marketing quote, "Good content is anything that adds value to the readers life," revealed behind torn brown paper.

About 61% of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that deliver highly relevant content.

How do I start online marketing on my own?

Times have changed rapidly; online marketing is not like it was just ten years ago. So now, with proper knowledge and skill, you can start doing online marketing in Springfield, MO from the ground up if you have the time, patience, and aptitude.

Follow these Five-Steps to start doing your own online marketing:

1. Develop the Required Skills

Developing the necessary skills may take years to build. Of course, it can take less time, too, depending on you. So be prepared to learn in any situation, handle situations intelligently. Try to be creative and passionate about the work. And don’t be afraid to hire a professional if necessary. You must determine whether you really have the time and drive to manage it all yourself and whether that will be counterproductive.

2. Gather Experience

Online marketing is all about trial and error. Therefore, don’t be afraid to gather experience through this method, if time and money allow. It’s best to learn while working on real projects if possible. And if you’re striking out on your own, try to start with low risks. Don’t start out trying to manage large and important projects—start small, learn and slowly build up your marketing responsibilities. Furthermore, building relationships with other marketers might well prove useful in the future.

3. Develop a Business Model

Your business model is also a blueprint for your online marketing. Develop a suitable business model to help you efficiently manage and promote your business over time. And if you plan to work on projects for others, some common ways to bill clients are:

  • Commission Based
  • Percentage of Spend
  • Hourly Rate
  • Flat Retainer

4. Niche Selection

Starting a new business and promoting it online won’t necessarily bind you to those specific products and services indefinitely. But if you can focus on a single category of products or select a specific niche, this can exponentially add value and countless advantages to your online marketing ability in that particular niche. And the better you are, the more ROI (return on investment) you will produce.

Some notable benefits of target marketing within a specific niche are:

  • Easier Onboarding – You know how to run a promotion on this specific category and what kind of information, questions, and answers you need.
  • Strengthens Skillset Exponentially – As you already know your target market, so it becomes easier to formulate effective messages and knowing how to handle different types of situations.
  • Gives Competitive Advantage Focus on a specific niche will provide you with experience and a good profile in the long run. So, it adds up to extra trust and reliability with your audiences.
Conceptual hand writing showing Find Your Niche. Man holding a tablet with images for search, email, presentations, business and social media

5. Make a Decision

Ultimately, which direction your online marketing takes depends on you. Starting online marketing for your own business or as a marketing professional requires a lot of patience and hard work. Then, over time, you will gather experience and develop the skills needed to be a competent online marketer.

While there is low competition in online marketing, still, it requires strong focus and determination. So if you focus on learning online marketing and will build valuable experience and knowledge, you can gain valuable skills for the future.

What are the types of online marketing?

As there are many different types of Springfield, MO online marketing available, every kind of online marketing requires understanding and technical information. And in the past decade, online marketing has become a vital component in most companies’ and organizations’ overall marketing strategies. Those different types of online marketing mentioned here are focused on marketing directly to audiences who are likely to be interested in their products. So remember, each style is essential in different situations.

The most effective online marketing tactics are given below in a brief overview based on various types.

Woman drawing an SEO diagram on a white background

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO’s main objective is to get your business to rank higher in Google search results, leading to more traffic to your website.

Therefore, SEO marketers research what keywords consumers usually search online and use those phrases in their content. And so SEO works by learning and keeping abreast of search engine algorithms. It heavily focuses on matching your website’s structure to those algorithmic requirements, as well as how other web pages link to your website, how search traffic is generated, etc.

Content Marketing

Content can mean blog posts, e-books, podcasts, graphics and copywriting for social media and email, and digital video marketing. Effective content marketing strategies use information sharing and storytelling to increase brand awareness.

So content marketing, also sometimes called inbound marketing, aims to have the reader discover the product in searches and request more information or make a purchase, thus becoming a new customer. Remember, it’s a long-term strategy and focuses on bring customers via search engines. And when it’s done well, it offers the highest ROI (return on investment) of all digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like FB, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are practical channels for online business nowadays. Online marketing on those platforms goes beyond merely creating posts and responding to comments. And this marketing strategy also requires analyzing SEO and posts, thinking of a data-driven strategy, and creating strategic campaigns.

However, social media marketing simply isn’t as ROI-effective for every business and has become increasingly expensive in terms of dollar-for-dollar returns. So don’t just keep throwing money at social media marketing. Perform some A-B test marketing or hire a pro. And if social media isn’t where it’s at for your niche, just choose to employ good social media management and then spend your dollars where they work best.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Like SEO, PPC is another way to bring more traffic to the website. Pay-Per-Click refers to paid advertisements and searches. But one major disadvantage is that when you stop paying, the ads on the website or search page stop showing. An excellent typical PPC model is the Google Adwords Campaign. Specifically, the primary advantage is that when someone clicks the ad and comes to your website, only then do you have to pay. Furthermore, PPC is good for garnering fast traffic, whereas content marketing takes some time to build effectiveness. Unfortunately, PPC can be one of the more expensive forms of digital marketing on an ROI basis when you are in a very competitive market niche.

Email Marketing

Email marketing follows a strikingly similar pattern to Content Marketing. Through time, this marketing type comes to light again because it provides value to potential buyers. And ultimately, it leads them to become full-fledged customers who purchase. However, the main challenge lies in making the email title and message content appealing to users in order to have the recipient open the email. To do so includes:

  • Creating a Sense of Urgency – “Time is running out; get your limited edition product or amazing sale price today on our website.”
  • Focus on Personalizing – Adding the received name to a well-crafted email title will significantly increase click-through rates; it’s a proven tactic.
  • Recipients’ Preferences – Allow the audience to choose how often they will receive promotional emails and whether they prefer to subscribe or not; leave the decisions to them.
Email marketing and newsletter concept, company sending many e-mails to customers.

What is the best online marketing?

To reach more customers and earn revenues, you have to focus on the best online marketing methods for your needs. As we have mentioned earlier regarding various online marketing types, powerful SEO coupled with relevant Content Marketing offer the best ROI and the most effective long-term online marketing strategies from our experience. However, some businesses have the need and the capital to afford to buy the faster results of a PPC campaign. Social media marketing works extremely well for some businesses, while not so well for others. And email marketing seems to work well for everyone who uses it wisely. It can be in your best interest to speak with a digital marketing professional.

Why are Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing considered by many to be the best marketing strategies?

  • Best long-term ROI
  • Together they form a strong foundation for other types of online marketing
  • Improves website speed and performance
  • Creates and updates long-lasting content about your products and services
  • Boosts ranking in search results with focused keywords
  • Builds backlinks to your website within matching niches

The whole of online marketing consists of various types of marketing styles and preferences based on specific needs. And each one is interconnected within a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

Business man touching a virtual screen with the the letter R.O.I. and return on investment, with some sales graphs and charts
Online Marketing Springfield, MO

Final Thoughts

When it comes to online marketing, Springfield, MO is a growing market and that trend is here to stay. And it’s accelerating dramatically as increasing numbers of people are shopping online. Additionally, this trend is showing no sign of slowing and merits your strong consideration for your business trajectory.

Ozark Web Design specializes in expert SEO and Content Marketing campaigns to help you reach your goals. We hope you’ll consider an SEO marketing campaign to help your business appear on Google’s first page. Because we love helping small businesses thrive and we’d love to help you!

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