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Google My Business Optimization is the most valuable aspect of SEO for local businesses.

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Whenever you search for a service, product, or a nearby restaurant’s business account in Google, the first thing you see are sponsored listings, aka ads. That’s soon followed below by a small box with a map and a group of pins on that map. If you look closely, that’s a map of your neighborhood, and those pins are businesses like or precisely what you are searching for on the map. Right below the map is a list of all local businesses which are pinned on the map, with their address, website and phone number. Those right there are GMB or Google My Business listings and that’s what our Google my business account service provides.

However, there is a catch! The catch is that there are rarely ever more than three companies visible in the “Google 3-Pack”. Though people searching can click the small button that’s marked “more places,” but how many people really ever click there?

Google My Business Optimization is the most valuable aspect of SEO for local businesses and where we can help you. Not only do we get you listed, but we can also help get you ranked as one of the three businesses visible on the first page. What’s more, when it comes to getting online reviews for your company’s services and products, getting Google My Business Reviews is among your most important goals because consumers place so much confidence in them.

How Do GMB Listings Work?

Now for starters, it is imperative to understand that the first step to getting your GMB listing is to get it claimed and set up. One of the questions we are often asked is, “How do I claim my business on Google?” If you’re a DIY entrepreneur, then just click here to get started. But if you’re like most business owners you would rather pay someone to do it quickly and efficiently. 

We provide a GMB listing setup service which handles all the grunt work of creating and optimizing your business account in Google. If you were to do it yourself, it would require that the listing be set up, geotagged pictures added, a description, contact info, services, products, questions, answers, and more.

Once the GMB’s basic requirements are fulfilled, it has to be verified. Then once that’s done, we need to start optimizing the listing for your business’s targeted keywords. Finally, once the business is verified, it has to get pinned on the proper location on the map. That pin will have your company’s name on it and that’s when you’re officially listed on Google maps. However, it will still do you little good until your listing makes it to the top 3 spots, and that’s where our experience and expertise really shine.

So Why Are Those Companies on The Top?

Well, there are a couple of reasons for it. The most prominent being is that Google is in some way biased towards those companies. Google sees those websites and services as being the most relevant and authoritative. It’s our job is to make your business look authoritative compared to those of the competition so that it’s listed as one of those top three businesses.

Our Google My Business Account Setup Service Guarantees to Increase Your Visibility

Statics show that more than 50% of 1st-page GMB listings are now taken. As a business, you now need to worry about paid local search ads appearing above your listing, too. When just adding citations isn’t working to rank you locally, you need to stop spending money and time shooting in the dark and invest in a proven GMB optimization service that works.

We offer services that work on building all the major factors that matter to ranking your GMB listing from the initial setup to getting it listed on the top 3. It is a highly prized piece of virtual real estate, which is why we often need to pull out the big guns to get our clients ranked. Highly sophisticated SEO techniques can be required if your business account in Google is in a particularly competitive market niche.

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Consumers are 2.7x more likely to view your service or company as valid and reputable if there is a complete GMB listing on Google Search or Maps. More and more business owners are recognizing the necessity of being found on Google. Our service is the next and best step to helping you be found.

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Consumers are up to 70% more likely to check out your business and 50% more likely to consider purchasing from those with well-optimized listings. So this service will not only help get your business found, but it can significantly help boost both traffic and sales.

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To claim and optimize your Google My Business listing takes time and a good working knowledge of SEO. Our service takes all that inconvenience off your plate.

Doing it Yourself is Wasting Precious Time

Sure, there is nothing stopping you from doing your own Google My Business account set up, but do you have time for trial and error? Wouldn’t that time be better spent on growing your business, dealing with clients, and hiring new talent? Doing manual tasks that don’t improve the visibility or performance of your business account in Google is a waste of time. Especially so, when experts like us have a proven track record of delivering consistent results.

We have a highly talented team that uses an extensive arsenal of SOPs with the latest search tactics, which yield excellent results. In some cases, you can expect even 300% ROI, if not more.

Why Choose Our Google My Business Account Setup Service?

  • Google My Business iconProven GMB ranking results for local industries and niches
  • Accelerated results
  • 100% USA GMB SEO Techniques
  • Overcome proximity limits
  • Increase your business’s visibility and improve conversions
  • Competitively priced

Let’s Work Together

Professional Google My Business page setup is key to getting your business ranked locally. It can also become a significant source of leads and consequently, sales. 

However, all of this needs to be done right, because one wrong step could mean that you never make it to the top.

We live and breathe GMB setup and optimization. We know precisely what is possible and how to get you to the apex of your industry via GMB listings. 

So, if you’re not utilizing the power of GMB listings and optimization, then now would be an excellent time to get in touch with us. 

Call us today to discuss how to get your business on Google.

Google My Business Account Setup

Putting your best foot forward starts with a well-optimized presence on Google and Google Maps. With this service, our team will build out your GMB page so you can start being found in searches.
$ 150 One-time
  • Claim & verify your GMB account
  • Complete all your Important Content
  • Geotag & Upload up to 10 Images (supplied by client)
  • Geotag & Upload up to 5 videos (supplied by client)
  • Write SEO & GMB Optimized Descriptions of your Company
  • 1 Complimentary Google My Business Post

Google My Business Posts Service

Receive 8 written posts that will appear in the Google My Business Knowledge Panel. Promote special events, encourage appointment bookings, boost blog views, and advertise sales & promotions.
$ 160 Monthly
  • 8 Custom Posts to your GMB listing over the course of one month.
  • Monthly Content Strategy call with a Marketing Strategist (if desired).
  • Posts can also be adapted from your existing website content.
  • Each post will include one graphic & SEO optimized content.
  • Note: Google My Business posts disappear after 7 days.
  • No outbound links will be used in the text.

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