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Inbound Marketing Springfield MO: 7 Reasons Why You Want It!

Through inbound marketing, our Springfield, Missouri, and Lake of the Ozarks businesses have experienced impressive online growth and success over the past few years. This proven approach to digital marketing provides an inexpensive opportunity for the successful promotion of your business, even in difficult market settings like we’re currently confronting. And, in this environment of ever-evolving marketing platforms and technologies, you need a reliable, cost-effective edge.

With an inbound marketing strategy, a company develops a well-targeted reach among potential customers. When done well, this helps in cutting down the expenses that are linked with advertising and it offers the best long-term ROI. Moreover, it gives you a perfect platform for your company’s growth, whether you’re an established business or a new startup that is bootstrapping in order to survive.

Our inbound marketing definition is, “a method for attracting customers to your products and services by providing helpful content that is designed with them in mind.”

A version of internet marketing (or, digital marketing), it focuses intently on highly-targeted content design and promotion. This is also widely known as Content Marketing. Inbound marketing examples can include blogging, social media promotion, search engine optimization, published PDFs and ebooks, webinars, videos, and other popular branding techniques. 

The effective use of social media is an important part of inbound marketing. Not only can you present a wide range of your marketing content, but you can also engage individuals or an entire audience, allowing them important glimpses into your business values, personality, and ethics. This is referred to as developing your brand voice as you engage audiences on social media.

Due to the quality of successful long-term results our clients have experienced over the years, we intentionally focus more on inbound marketing strategy rather than outbound marketing. This emphasis has positioned our clients extremely well in their market niches.

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

A word cloud of outbound marketing terminologiesSo, what is outbound marketing? The term, “outbound marketing” denotes marketing practices where a company reaches out to an audience with its message. These practices are sometimes viewed as interruptive and invasive and they have largely fallen out of favor in recent years.

Rather than interrupting your audience with solicitations or content that they don’t necessarily want, inbound marketing promotes connections that customers are looking for and helps them with problems they are experiencing.

Examples of outbound marketing tactics can range from traditional media such as radio and TV commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, direct mail, flyers, etc. to the more aggressive forms of door-to-door sales, cold calls on the phone, and spamming people with email.

So, outbound marketing is the complete inverse of inbound marketing, which helps customers to find and come to you when they want your products or services.

The Benefits of Good Inbound Marketing

We encourage business owners and new startups to bear in mind the following 7 benefits that can be realized from smart and effective inbound marketing.

1. It is easy to identify potential customers.

This is one of the most important benefits that you get from inbound marketing. If the customers get to know about your products and services, they will definitely look for ways to secure and make use of them. As a result, the company does not have to spend as much on promotion, direct mail, or other traditional forms of advertising.

2. It causes the customer to reach out for your product.

When you apply the inbound digital marketing methodology, you allow your existing or potential new customers to make a connection with your products. This gives an opportunity to engage with your online market audience on a closer level.

3. It allows you to provide what your customers need instantly.

A company that uses inbound marketing to its benefit stands a better chance of selling its products quickly. Since there has already been a connection made, whether through social media, email or by phone, you can reach out to your audience en masse without spending a great deal of time. You can do so by means of blogging, through various social media channels or social networking, video marketing, and many more.

4. It offers high-quality content on the internet.

To utilize inbound marketing effectively requires that you offer high-quality content for your website or social media visitors. This content should be always rich in keywords and have quality information. 

Today’s shoppers are very savvy. Poorly written copy and flooding social media with lots of “we’re the best so you should buy from us” techniques will turn people off. And rightfully so. Endeavor to be helpful and to provide a good experience. The same diligence used in cultivating and presenting quality website content should extend to your social media sites, as well.

5. It increases your brand recognition.

Content marketing allows you to show off your brand in an amazing variety of new ways. Along with a website that’s designed for marketing, social media offers a terrific platform for you to engage new audiences with your brand. Doing so results in the creation of brand awareness and the establishment of a good impression. This is what every company wants from inbound marketing strategies, as it allows you to capture traffic from potential customers and improve your brand image in more effective ways.

6. It helps you to attract highly qualified traffic.

You don’t just need more traffic to your website; you need more and better traffic. The inbound marketing strategy is geared towards bringing the right audience to you. This is done by targeting those who are more likely to become your potential customers.

Through this process, you can increase your brand recognition and improve the conversions from “lookers” to “buyers”. The audience that you choose to target should be the right fit for your business. Your products and services need to be relevant to the audience you are targeting. You don’t want to be trying to sell grass-fed beef to vegetarians.

7. It can reduce a high bounce rate.

The bounce rate is the percentage of potential customers who leave your site within a few seconds of their visit. If you want to increase your conversions, your website should not have a high bounce rate. 

High bounce rates tend to reduce your overall conversion rate. A bounce rate that is too high is either a sign that you’re probably not hitting the right target audience, or the quality of the customers’ experience on your website is poor.

Use Inbound Marketing to Grow and Amplify

Graph showing inbound marketing growthIt’s important to keep in mind that in the same way that producing great content is helpful for you, inferior and shoddy content marketing can backfire on you.

If your website or social media audience finds mediocre or suboptimal content, they will likely “bounce” (leave), and not return again. Your inbound content marketing is a direct reflection of who you are as a business. Today, sophisticated consumers are acclimated to quality information and experiences. And, they have come to expect it of those with whom they do business. As a rule, they won’t accept less.

Inbound marketing for Springfield, Missouri, and Lake of the Ozarks businesses is about building an authoritative online marketing strategy that grows and accelerates over time.

When your online audience discovers excellence and value, then shares it with others, it will attract more interest to your business. This develops into a self-sustaining amplification loop that accelerates growth and momentum over time.

Get Started Today

If you want your online business to have a growing and commanding online presence, Ozark Web Design has a proven track record of success. Email us or call today to learn how we can help at easily affordable rates. 

We provide successful inbound marketing for Springfield, MO, and Lake of the Ozarks businesses, consistently positioning our clients at the top of internet searches for their products and services. Want to be on the front page of Google searches? We’re the choice for you.

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