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What to Expect With a Website Development Project

Website development has evolved over the years to become more than creating webpages. Modern website developers help with social media, optimize your website for search engines, and help you craft a digital marketing strategy. 

So if you are considering a new website or an upgrade to an existing web property, it’s important to find a web developer who will be a partner in your success. Your website should be a representation of your brand and value proposition.

In this article, we’ll look at what to expect from a successful web developer.

Before the first line of code is written, your web developer should hold a planning and discovery meeting. This is the most crucial step in the web design process.

During this meeting, the website developers will learn about your specific needs, your customers, your budget, and how you measure success.

This is also when you will discuss your brand and how you want to present it online. The planning and discovery process will help make sure your web design project stays on track.

Wireframe and Design

Hand drawn wireframe design on a notebook pageWeb developers usually prepare a set of wireframes to help you determine your new website function and structure. Wireframes are simple black and white layouts that lay the foundation of your design.

Once everyone agrees on the wireframes and your website’s structure is determined, it’s time to create the design. This is where the information from the discovery meeting will be necessary. 

Your web designers will create a design (and sometimes revisions) that reflect your brand, your products, and your industry.

Content Development

When the overall functionality and design of the website is approved, the website developers will begin coding. Usually, a web designer will post their work on a temporary site so you can see progress. This is the stage when content is developed.

Depending on your web designer and your agreement’s terms, you may be responsible for some or all of the content. Content includes the words on each page, the photos you want to use, and any other media that is part of your website.

If content development is not part of your skill set, most website development firms can help you create content for your new site.

Testing and Deployment

Cartoon illustration for content and digital marketing shown with a hand holding several pieces of content and a search bar displaying SEO.Now that everything is in place, there is one more step before launching your website to the world: testing. 

Your website developer will usually have a testing checklist they use to make sure everything works as expected. They will probably have one for you to use, too. 

Once everything has been tested, it’s time to deploy your website and make it part of your digital marketing strategy!

Choosing a Website Development Partner

If you’re looking for website development in Springfield, Missouri, we would love to talk with you about your web design and digital marketing needs. We work with local companies and help them grow. From creating a dynamic web presence that tells your story, to helping people find your website in search engines, Ozark Web Design is a complete web development partner.

Contact us to learn how we can help tell your story, connect with your customers, and achieve results through targeted web marketing.

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