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Introducing SEO Video Local

Promote Your Business With Video

The latest growth trends in digital marketing reveal the immense popularity and success of videos. More and more, people are becoming interested in video content. And this is exactly why it is the ideal opportunity for your organization to consider putting resources into video marketing.

With SEO Video Local, we transform your articles or website copy into high-quality video content. This allows you to leverage extra value from your content while putting the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube, to work for you!

Local Video SEO Marketing

Leverage Your Videos for SEO Content and Signals

Use your new SEO Content Videos to add subscribers to your Youtube channels and increase SEO signals on your other social media. Videos improve engagement among your followers on Facebook and other social media. Go ahead and publish them to your Google My Business page for even more juice.

And you will definitely want to publish your new videos on your website so you can resubmit the page to Google with fresh content. This, along with your increased social signals, gives notice to the search engines that your website is active. Then, in turn, they become more interested in your site and will increase your ascent in search results.

What’s more, when you add your videos to your website, the increased interactions and page time spent will help improve your rankings.

Get Permanent Marketing Power...That You Own!

Like other forms of content marketing, video marketing offers you something with hidden value that many business owners don’t consider. Once you have the video, you own it. It never goes away. It can be viewed again and again, for years to come.

Radio ads are important, but people hear them and then they’re gone until you pay for them to be aired again. Newspaper is nearly dead in many markets, but even where people still buy them, they usually look at them and throw them away. The phone book has all but died.  But video is here to stay. And you can use it on social media and your website whenever you like, for as long as you like.

Video Marketing Tips

Optimized for Fast Ranking on YouTube and Google

We optimize your videos for fast ranking in local searches. With our highly specialized software, we are able to discover keywords to help your video appear and rank quickly on YouTube and Google search results. Depending on the local online marketing competition for your niche, your video will usually rise to one of the top 3 pages within 24 hours. Often our videos appear on the 1st page of Google for their specific search keywords.

Along with applying algorithmically mined video detail information and tags, we conduct comparative analysis research to discover which long tail keywords will most likely cause your videos to rank higher on Google and YouTube. And the more precise of a niche you give us, the better we can rank your video. You most likely offer a fairly broad range of services to your customers. But the more highly specialized or unique service we can detail for you, the more excellent your results will be.

Here's how it works.

Step 1: Purchase SEO Video Local
Just fill out the form found below to give us a few starting details. Be sure to include a link to your original content that you want us to use. (Hint: If you need new content, get some here!) We’ll contact you for your logo and any video footage or graphics you’d like for us to include in your video.

Step 2: Video Production
We’ll convert and edit your content into professional bite-sized video headlines and snippets. Combining all the elements together, we produce a high-quality video. The length of your video is based on the amount of content you provide, but will not exceed 2 minutes. Then at the end, we include a CTA for your website and to share the video.

Step 3: Delivery
We’ll deliver your quality video which you can use to upload to YouTube, your website, or any video channel. We also provide you with the SEO optimized video title, tags and description to use in your upload. If you need help uploading it to your social media or WordPress website, just send us your credentials and we’ll help!

IMPORTANT: Our entry level videos are created in Standard Resolution (480p), but they are also available in High-Resolution (720p) or in HD Resolution (1080p) for an extra setup fee. You have the option during the purchase process to choose your resolution, based on your budget and your target market. If you are primarily targeting mobile users, a standard-resolution video will work well. If you expect your viewers to be on TV or large-screen PCs, you will want to choose a high-resolution or HD video. We typically recommend using standard or high-resolution video for better download speeds.

Best Video Resolution for Mobile SEO

Video Samples

Pricing and Packages

SEO for Your Video

$ 50 Your Video, No Editing Required
  • Made from a Video You Provide
  • 2-3 SEO Optimized Long Tail Keywords
  • SEO Optimized Video Details
  • SEO Optimized Tags


$ 129 Created From Your Content
  • Created from Your Existing Content
  • 2-3 SEO Optimized Long Tail Keywords
  • SEO Optimized Video Details
  • SEO Optimized Tags


$ 329 Created With Our Content
  • Created from New Content We Provide
  • 2-3 SEO Optimized Long Tail Keywords
  • SEO Optimized Video Details
  • SEO Optimized Tags

Note: When we receive your order, we’ll email you a statement and a secure payment portal via Wave Apps. Our terms are 50% down (plus setup fees if applicable), with the remainder due upon product acceptance.

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