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We Build More Than Websites; We Build Online Marketing Solutions

Ozark Web Design specializes in creating websites that are loved by search engines! We use a different approach to building your website than the typical company.

Word cloud about Search Engine MarketingThis is because our creative designers also happen to be expert digital marketers, so we build your custom website from the ground up with search results in mind for your business’ brand. In doing so, your company’s products and services don’t just look great but they also outperform others as people are searching for what you offer.

Since your website is, in fact, your online business, we want to help you make your site the focal point of your marketing. Whatever your business, a majority of people will visit your site and your local Google business listing before deciding whether to visit your store or enlist your services. It’s the first place your audience gets to know you.

Today, people visit your site to get a sense of who you are and to get a quick, no-pressure look at your products, services, and presentation. So it is more than just a reflection of your business; it is your business. It sets the tone for the value that you provide to your customers. So in a very meaningful way, what they see on your site is your first impression. And in today’s highly competitive markets, you need to make it a good one.

Let's Make It Look Good

Far too often people skimp when it comes to their online presence because they don’t understand its vital significance for their business or the amazing potential it offers. If it looks shoddy or unprofessional with misspelled words and poor graphics, then that’s how people will visualize your business. And sadly, that’s the persona that will be branded into their thinking.

So your website is not just about your products and services, it’s about your brand–that perception of you that is created in their mind before they ever meet you, speak with you on the phone, or set foot in your shop. So it needs to look good.

Creative Website Design at Lake of the Ozarks

Let’s Make it Informative

Create informative and valuable blog and website content.

Be sure to include the key information people will need in order to decide on bringing business to you. And even better, think about providing more than just data regarding who you are and what you offer. Plan to provide information that is genuinely helpful, whether or not they ever choose to do business with you. Be generous with beneficial content that people interested in your niche find valuable. Then they will want to visit your site more often. Heck, they just may bookmark it or, even better yet, link to it!

Let’s Make it the Epicenter of Your Digital Marketing

You may have a great website, but if it isn’t being seen and you don’t have traffic, then it will not produce leads for you. You need for people to find and visit your site, because that’s the fuel for your online marketing.

We will help you build an online ecosystem to attract search engine traffic. And we can provide the tools and resources you need to organically maximize your visibility. In short, we build your site from the ground up with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. So your website is built with search engines and their algorithms in mind, right alongside the quality User Experience (UX) needs of your audience.

We’ll create or redesign your site with an integrated traffic generation plan in mind. This includes a venue for authority blog posts, strong social media signals, paid traffic ads, and powerful behind-the-scenes link building. And when you need them, we also provide these services to help give you an online marketing machine.

Let’s Give It Room to Grow

As your business grows, so do your website needs. Every site we build is designed for growth and expansion, and is backed by a team that takes the time to understand your vision so we can build an online presence that actually grows with your needs.

Grow Your BlogGrow Your Blog

An amazing blog is at the heart of successful content marketing (or “Inbound Marketing”). And if you produce the content that your potential audience likes, they will visit your site and share it with others. So not only is your blog the place where you can bring value to others, but it’s also a dynamic SEO turbocharger. It is one of your best power sources for becoming valuable and visible.

Add new website pages.
Add New Pages

However grand your dreams and ambitions, your website needs to be able to grow to accommodate your vision. We structure your site for easy expansion. Have you ever visited a business site that seems disjointed and difficult to find your way around? Your new webpage will be structured for growth and clear navigation for additional new pages.

Increase Website Performance
Increase Functionality

At some point, you may want to integrate video, interactive options, and your favorite apps to expand the functionality and performance of your website. The WordPress framework allows for ongoing plugin expansion so you can continue to update your site with the newest tools and features available.

automated-email-marketing- (1)
Create Automated Marketing

You can even convert your web traffic into leads by automating your email capture and follow up campaigns.

Need an eCommerce Website?

The WordPress platform we build with is an eCommerce powerhouse. You’ll get a professional shopping cart solution for your specific needs. The management and operation of your online business or shop can be simplified and streamlined with one of our robust and flexible eCommerce sites.

How It Works

STEP 1: We’ll send you a design intake form to get some ideas from you on what you would like to see on your website.

STEP 2: Once you submit your design form we email you a bid for your new webpage. Our bids are guaranteed, meaning that we will deliver what we bid without going over the price. Ever. No hidden fees or surprises.

STEP 3: Once you accept our bid we’ll invoice you via Wave Apps. Our terms are 50% down, 50% upon delivery of your site.

Here's how it works.

That’s it! You go about your ordinary life while we work on building your new professional website!

  • All our sites are fully mobile-responsive, designed with mobile users in mind (since more than 50% of all online viewing is done on mobile devices.)
  • Your first year of hosting is always included FREE on any new website.
  • Need updates? Ozark Web Design customers appreciate our easy update accessibility via email.

Need help with SEO and Search Ranking?

We can help you get your website ranked by Google and Bing. SEO (search engine optimization) is an important part of helping your site appear higher in search results. There are other factors that are part of this process and it can sometimes be quite involved. And while we can help with your national and regional ranking, we specialize in local SEO and page ranking. 

If you have a site that you feel is not performing well, contact us. We’ll give you an objective assessment on how we can improve your website’s search ranking.

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