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Boost Post Engagement

Boost Post Engagement with Personal Happenings A sure fire way to boost post engagement on Facebook is to occasionally post a “personal happening” – maybe once or twice per week on your business page. Something like, “I just tried guacamole for the very first time and loved it. Now I feel like a dork for Read more about Boost Post Engagement[…]


A Meme and Your Personality

A Meme and Your Personality When making a graphic-only post (such as a meme) or sharing a video in a social media channel, one “best practice” always try to make some small comment. Even if it’s only something like “Lol!” or “True!”, followers like to see you engaged in your posts. Besides that, it gives you Read more about A Meme and Your Personality[…]


Free and Easy Google Advertising

Don’t miss out on the amazing free advertising Google offers you. About a month ago I set up up and optimized the free Google My Business listing ad for one of my local clients. They operate a fairly unique brick and mortar store where they sell mostly stone veneers for homes and businesses.  And just Read more about Free and Easy Google Advertising[…]


Optimize With Google Plus

Optimize Your Social Media That’s it! If you want the long and short of it, well, there’s the short of it, plain and simple. Everyone knows you need to optimize your website for search engine consumption. And you need Facebook posts and blogs and ads, and, and, and… But most of the small business owners Read more about Optimize With Google Plus[…]


Improve Your SEO and Increase Website Traffic

Why Improve Your SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be viewed as a prime form of marketing. It can place your business in front of your targeted and prospective clients and can help increase your brand awareness and online visibility. In a recent survey by Hubspot only 9% of businesses using inbound marketing with SEO Read more about Improve Your SEO and Increase Website Traffic[…]


Making Memorable Facebook Posts

Marketing Your Past Facebook Posts If you want people to remember a certain post here’s a powerful marketing tip: repeat it!  Sure, you can reword it a little and pep it up with a zippy new (and memorable) pic, but don’t be afraid to repeat a good post. One of the most common misconceptions about Read more about Making Memorable Facebook Posts[…]

Facebook Cover Photo Tip

  Link Your Cover Photo Here’s a “Best Practices” tip for your Facebook page. Be sure to create a link to your website, connected to your FB page’s main cover image. There is plenty of room for a nice description of your business, or whatever special link you may want to put there. Many people Read more about Facebook Cover Photo Tip[…]

Facebook Loves Video

Facebook loves video–especially live video and video hosted on your FB page! We’ll save live video as a topic for another time, so here are a few important things to know about posting regular videos. Facebook’s algorithm always, and I do mean always, looks to see whether you have uploaded your vids to Facebook and Read more about Facebook Loves Video[…]

A New SEO Mandate

The following article touches on something near and dear to my heart – making the web experience better for the user by driving SEO marketing into the realm of the buyer’s perspective and real needs rather than merely piling in keyword-rich text. If you write your own content for your website or social media, by Read more about A New SEO Mandate[…]

Get More Facebook Views

Here’s a quick tip for getting more views on your Facebook posts. When you share a link on Facebook and don’t link it you will get much more organic reach. Facebook doesn’t like sharing stuff that will take the user off of Facebook…here’s why. I don’t think it’s any secret that Facebook makes money from paid Read more about Get More Facebook Views[…]

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