Content Marketing

SEO Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing, sometimes referred to as Inbound Marketing, is the promotion of helpful information, videos, social media posts, blog articles, email campaigns, etc. The reason you create and promote this useful content is to reach and attract those who are already searching for it.


The Intention of Quality Content

When you create content,  try to be relevant for the needs, questions, or problems of your ideal potential customers.  Thus, you will begin to attract the right kind of qualified prospects. Throughout the process, you will build trust for your business. This is an important element in today’s sophisticated marketplace. So, with quality content marketing, you can establish credibility and rapport with potential buyers.


First, think about your target audience. Who are they? Where are they? What are their needs and pressure points? Or how will your knowledge, service, or products be helpful to them?


Then, whether locally or nationally, you begin to regularly create blog articles, social media posts, videos, etc.  These need to answer the questions above and provide value to the consumer. So avoid the huge mistake of trying to sell, sell, sell. Buyers today want useful, relevant, and entertaining themes and subject matter. And they will tolerate a well-presented call-to-action or two so long as these criteria are met!


Think Long-Term

When engaging your online audience, think long-term. Look beyond the sale, or the immediate question being asked. Try to communicate in such a way that they will want to establish a longer-term business relationship with your company. You can do this with kind, courteous responses and interest in their needs. Also, seek to interject details about how your business will provide value for their needs.


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