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Why Should Small Businesses Blog?

If you haven’t been told, content is the number one thing that Google looks at in this day and age of ranking factors.  For this very reason, every small business owner should write a small blog.  This is where you effectively communicate with your audience and provide much-needed information that they would find informative and helpful.

Creating valuable content that your clients will start to engage with and use is really your goal here.  And this is not just better for your current clients that already follow your blog, but it is essential for finding new clients via the search engines.  Still, nevertheless, it is vitally important to have helpful, quality content that will rank well and will convert your readers into clients.

Business content marketing is about learning to blog with your customers in mind.  And naturally, you are writing your posts with the hope and plan to sell to your clients.  However, if your blogging is all about you selling them something without offering any real value to them regardless of whether they become buyers, then they will bounce.  Nobody likes pushy or self-focused salespeople. And neither do they like those characteristics in writers.  You simply shouldn’t write with the sole intent of trying to get people to purchase services or products. So ditch the hard-sell tactics, the manipulation, and anything that smacks of uber-salesmanship. Your articles need to offer interesting information to the readers that will help them with a problem, to reach a goal, or to get better at something they are trying to do. Think helpful, engaging, and entertaining when possible or applicable.

Take Advantage of Content Marketing

Leverage content marketing to reach new customers.

Content marketing is some of the easiest and cheapest marketing any small business can do.  These are simple blog posts or YouTube Videos that are helping your client with whatever it is you sell.  For example, if you sell refrigerator parts, having a YouTube channel on how to fix a refrigerator makes sense.  Make a video showing how to fix serviceable parts of the refrigerator and put a link to the parts that are in your store.  Most people will go looking for a solution to their problem and watch the video, find it helpful, and buy the part to fix the refrigerator.  This is a value-added service. You’ve given valuable information and walked them right into your parts store.

On the flip side, other refrigerator part stores are making a video on the part itself.  What it is made of, where and how it’s made, etc. This is not valuable content that anyone would care about.  Well, unless you’re looking for a new parts manufacturer. But, hopefully, this makes the point.

"Content marketing is some of the easiest and cheapest marketing any small business can do."

Business Blogging Tips

For business blogging tips, we certainly believe in writing good engaging content.  This is content that your potential customers find helpful and constructive. If you are not a great writer or have no interest in video making, there are many services out there that can help you with this.  But, you need to come up with the ideas. Getting the idea comes from you, the business owner. Or hire an SEO agency to handle your content marketing for you. There are “set-it-and-forget-it” plans. But, most business owners like to have some say in what goes into their blog.  Maybe you’re seeing a particular trend that you want to talk about or you have a question asked often about a particular subject.

That’s another thing, keep a record of questions that come up.  If you start to see some blaring duplicates, then that’s probably going to be a good topic to write about.  After all, our clients quite often give us the topics by asking such questions or making bold statements of advice.  For example, if you are a roofer and found that a particular product worked well for a particular part of your market, then write about what it is that you discovered and how it was helpful and beneficial.  Gaining a rapport and reputation with your clients that you are the knowledgeable go-to person for your niche is important to keep your readers coming back for more.

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