Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Business Page

How To Make Your Facebook Business Page Work for You

By now you are most likely familiar with a Business Facebook Page and even been on a few. You may even have one of your own. Most companies have a Business Facebook page and they are certainly not hard to set up.  If you have a website, linking the website to your Facebook page is important. And at some point, you’ll probably want to install and use the Facebook Pixel for measuring conversion from your FB ads to your website. However, if you don’t have a website you can easily purchase a domain name and have the domain hosting site forward it to the Facebook Business page so that it will act as your de facto website.  

Having a relatively easy to remember URL helps your customers find you more easily.  If you are a new company and a new website isn’t quite in the budget, that’s not a problem. You can use your Facebook page as your website, at least for a while. Most businesses later on discover they need a website for the more sophisticated marketing approaches required in today’s markets.  But for now, this is an easy way to announce sales and new offers, show off completed projects, and ask questions of your fans of what they’d like to see. It is a perfect platform to engage with your new and potential customers as well.

So however you choose to use your Facebook page, it is a part of your branding and it’s an important component for you as you learn to grow your business. 

Facebook Management for Business PagesWhen setting up Facebook for Business, the process is really quite simple.  There is a small arrow button at the top right corner of Facebook, and you will need to simply click the “manage pages” selection from the menu.  From there the page is going to be created with the information you provide. Be sure to have an appropriate cover image for your top banner as well as the individual profile image.  These should be something that will help your clients recognize that this is your page. Your logo is perfect to use as your profile image, as this will be what your followers will see in their feed.

5 Elementary Facebook Business Page Tips

Here are some very general and basic tips you may find helpful as you’re getting started.  As a sidebar, you may want to check back from time to time, because we will likely be either adding content to this page or building out a series. If you use RSS, click here to follow our blog.

1. Fill out everything you can.

People are often in a hurry when creating their page. Slow down, take your time and do it well. Make it as complete as you possibly can. Spend plenty of time on your About page. Choose the best Category that you think people would use to search for or discover your business. And at the very least, fill out the Address, Phone Number (yes, include it), Business Hours, About, Company Overview, and Products areas of the About page. I always advise clients to fill out the Our Story page as well, complete with a great picture and good SEO optimization. This segment will appear on your business’ front page area.  From time to time I have clients who wish to withhold info from their pages. However, I strongly advise against this. If you aren’t willing for your business information to be public, you should probably reconsider whether you really want a Facebook business page at all.

The next very important part to fill out is your Services pages. Be sure to give these the proper time and attention they need, as they provide a nice visually appealing listing of what services you offer. They can be rather prominent and visible on your page.

2. Keep SEO in mind as you create your Facebook page.

Use our powerful SEO strategy to boost online traffic.The fact that your Facebook pages will get indexed by search engines is reason enough to employ excellent SEO practices. But you also need to consider that more and more people conduct searches within Facebook as they look for groups or posts related to services, products, videos, and opportunities in which they are interested. I will even often create SEO optimized titles for individual posts that I want to be easily searchable within Facebook, or on the web at large. And let me just parenthetically state here that simply duplicating content is not the best practice. It’s better to reword article or content snippets and link them back to your blog or website. 

3. Build Quality Content

I know this gets stated and re-stated many times and many ways across the internet. And so, that should highlight to you just how important this really is.

Facebook Page Insights are very helpful for understanding what content performs well and the overall health of your page.

When using Facebook for Business, you only have so much space, so use it wisely.  People don’t always want to “click for more”. You need to capture their attention. Good graphics and posting regularly helps with your followers actually continuing to see your posts.  Getting your followers to engage is key for them to actually see more of your posts in their feed. Facebook will tell you how many engagements you have gotten and from whom. These metrics help you know what posts are well received and which were not great content. And it’s a very good idea to familiarize yourself with your Insights page.

4. Create your Brand

Use your content to begin creating your “voice”.  This is what people expect from you, and what they actually want. So don’t be afraid to include humor and to let your personality show through. And seek to be engaging, as well as posting often, too, as this will allow your page to remain visible people’s feeds as easily. We have all had that friend whose posts we haven’t seen in our feed for a while. And this is due to the feed changes that the FB algorithm implements as it tries to discern what you find appealing.  Also, be sure not to post too much. One to two posts per day is certainly enough. More posts can get annoying to followers, so use your judgment. 

As a sidebar, we’ve seen some companies whose pages actually perform better with only 4 – 5 posts weekly. So it’s a good idea to experiment. And once you find your rhythm, try to stick with it. Just remember, consistency is one of the keys to good social branding.

5. Respond to Posts

Social Media Business PresenceRespond as your brand to customer concerns and comments.  This gives your brand a personal touch. Now, you don’t need to hang out and do nothing but hover over your brand, but be sure to address and respond where it seems appropriate. And when you can’t think of something to say in response, use the Like feature, or post a gif or emoticon. Typically, when page followers see that you are willing to interact, some of them become more interactive, too. And since Facebook gives weight to interactions on your page, this becomes more helpful in growing your page’s popularity.

So, these are just some simple Facebook Business Page Tips to help you get your brand going in the right direction. If you would like professional help with setting up your page, monthly page management, or Facebook marketing, please reach out to us. Not only do we have basic social media management packages available, but we can also create a custom management solution for you as well.

Thanks for reading!

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