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While we don’t require customers to use our competitively priced website hosting plans when you use our web design services, most Ozark Web Design clients do! Ozark Web Design maintains secure Linux servers at two of America’s finest data centers. Security and monitoring of the hardware and network connectivity are performed by a 24/7 staff at the data center with a greater than 99.9% uptime guarantee.

We have competitively priced hosting solutions with flat rates ranging from $13 to $79 monthly, with no hidden fees. We offer either monthly or yearly invoicing. We will waive hosting setup fees when you opt for a yearly contract. 

Discounts for multiple websites may apply. If you have questions concerning Ozark Web Design hosting or other services, please use our Contact page to reach out to us or give us a call.

Bronze Web Hosting Plan

Whenever you buy a website from us and use our standard bronze hosting services, you get professional hosting service included in your overall package free for one year. So you can relax and enjoy the best uptime service records in the industry. 

Our hosted sites have an automated backup copy, and in the event of catastrophic failure, they can usually be restored within 24-72 hours. 

This is our standard economy cost-plus service. This means that any website or software updates, maintenance issues, or fixes are charged at an additional hourly rate.

Price: $13/mo (or $139 if paid yearly)

Local Web hosting at Lake of the Ozarks
Get industry-standard hosting service that can grow with your business.

Silver Web Hosting Plan (with Advanced Security)

Our silver plan includes your standard monthly hosting, plus one of the top-rated premium WordPress security software plugins, advanced hardening features, daily security scans and software updates, a full-site backup, and urgent support and restoration if your website is hacked or stops functioning correctly. In today’s world of malware, website hacking, and domain hijacking, you may want to consider a security & maintenance plan for your website. You may have found that, occasionally, your website stops displaying correctly. This is because glitches happen as servers, websites, and plugin software receive updates. Our silver plan includes standard maintenance when something “breaks.”  Price: $30/mo (requires $238 down for software purchases) or $575 if paid yearly

Gold Web Hosting Plan (Advanced Security + Webmaster Services)

Our gold plan includes all the benefits of the other hosting plans, plus emergency and after-hours website maintenance and discounted monthly webmaster services. So if you anticipate needing regular content or design (UX) updates, this is the plan for you. An added bonus is that as search engines crawl your website, they’ll see fresh content, and you can improve your performance in search results. Active websites tend to rank better than static content sites. This package is a must for eCommerce. The gold plan includes one hour of webmaster updates with additional hours available at a 15% discount. Price: $79/mo (requires $238 down for software purchases)  or $1137 if paid yearly

Gold Plan Backup Services

In addition to updates and security maintenance, all of our gold plan website clients also get free redundant backups of your sites. So not only are backups created daily on the webserver, but we also download copies of your website and store them in 2 separate hard drives to create redundancy. This means that you can have peace of mind that your website, and all the hard work, time and money you’ve invested in content, SEO, and videos will be safely preserved even in case of a nasty server failure or powerful cyber attacks.

Bronze Plan

Professional Management at Budget Prices
$ 13 Monthly
  • Or $139 yearly ($17 Savings)*
  • Enhanced WordPress Hosting
  • Enhanced "Turbo" Speed
  • Automated Backup Copy
  • 99.9% Uptime

Silver Plan

Includes Advanced Security & Maintenance
$ 30 Monthly
  • Or $575 yearly ($23 savings)*
  • Multiple Backups Maintained
  • Top-rated Security & Advanced Hardening
  • Urgent Support & Maintenance
  • Daily Security Scans

Gold Plan

Plus Advanced Security & Webmaster Services
$ 79 Monthly
  • Or $1137 yearly ($49 savings)*
  • Monthly Webmaster Services
  • Top-rated Security & Advanced Hardening
  • Urgent & After-hours Emergency Service
  • 2x Offline Redundancy Backups
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