A good branding strategy improves Business performance.

What (Really) Goes into Branding That Works?

In the past, your standard branding strategy would revolve around the logo and some stationery. Today, there is a lot more involved in building a brand. The process is more complex primarily because website design, easy to create videos, and digital platforms have meant that creating a brand now requires a multipronged approach.

Businesses, in addition to using traditional touchpoints like flyers and attractive product packaging, also need to focus on things like their Google My Business profile, Facebook page, Instagram following, and running various forms of digital advertisement. Everything you do online has a significant impact on your prospects’ perception of the brand.

While many businesses are already familiar with building their persona offline using traditional forms of branding, things online aren’t as easy. For starters, you need to consider how your business will adapt to the needs of various digital platforms. You will need to formulate a strategy which is in some aspect loosely based on honing your branding via trial and error. But that’s not all you’ll need to consider.

We hate saying things are impossible unless they really are, and so here it is. Without a website, you’re never going to build a strong brand online. An effective website is simply a must if you want your business to be competitive in capturing its fair share of your market.

A cute robot presenting social media brand managementThe other important piece of the branding puzzle has to be your presence on social media platforms. You’ll want to be present and active here because not only does it make reaching out to millions of people possible, it gives your consumers a voice. Generally, companies like to influence the conversation wherever possible.

While ideally, your business should have a presence on every major social media platform, it isn’t imperative. You can choose to focus on platforms that best represent your branding goals. Interestingly, businesses that don’t have a social media presence can often end up sending the wrong signals to potential customers. Many people may not trust a company that does not have a social media presence.

You need to be responsive.

During the process of building a brand, almost every business will receive negative feedback. The key is to make sure that the situation is managed professionally.

So, before you respond to that feedback, it is important to think about your response. Keep in mind that others are reading this too, and so it will affect your branding efforts. For starters, you’ll want to take the conversation offline perhaps. Get the reviewer’s number and call them to work things out.

Sometimes you’ll be dealing with a troll; these people will often pick on a business just to get a reaction. However, you should still show genuine concern since there could be potentially thousands of people reading the response your company or brand delivers. In most cases, you will either want to ask for more clarification or direct them to contact the concerned person who can help them.

Craft a personality for your brand.

Everything from your branding design, to how you respond to feedback contributes to your brand’s perceived personality. A personality that resonates with your potential buyers or clients will help you shine, regardless of whether you offer digital or physical products or even services.

Make sure that the core values of your business are clear via all forms of messaging. One way to do this is to start by aligning your ideas with that of your brand’s services or products. That will help people identify with you and the brand.

The branding message should be delivered through all marketing channels frequented by people who may be interested in what you are selling. Social media, as mentioned above, is a great place to start, but make sure that your messaging is geared towards how the platform works. For instance, Instagram is highly visual, while with Facebook, you can sometimes get by with some simple text. Still, the use of added graphics generally performs better across all social media. So, your message has to be crafted to how each platform works.

Be authoritative and build authority.

Your branding strategy should revolve around building authority. Consider the fact that we live in an information-driven age. People are actively searching for good, workable, and actionable information, if you are able to deliver that, your business can instantly make a connection with potential clients or buyers.

You could start a blog or update your main landing page with answers to common questions. The goal is to show that you are willing and able to put in the effort to establish a connection with consumers. After a while, many people will look to your website for information, which means that you’re an authority in that industry.

Case Studies and Achievements

Case studies help demonstrate to potential clients and buyers how your service or products can help them. Your website could present a few case studies each angled at a different type of potential client.

Your achievements are a way of boasting about how well your projects are going and how clients are benefiting from the work your business is doing. Achievements should be proudly displayed on your website and social media pages.

In addition, you should gather testimonials from happy customers. Positive customer reviews are like gold nuggets in your digital marketing strategies. Those testimonials should be displayed on your website. You can take things one step further and ask clients to post their testimonials on your Facebook page or group. That way, potential clients and buyers know that these aren’t fake. They also help to build trust with people who have not done business with your company before.

Be critical, yet realistic.

Business branding hinges on all of the above-mentioned elements and more. However, you also need to take a step back and think about your branding and how people are perceiving things every now and then. It is important that you take an unbiased look. Analyze and consider not just the graphical representation of your brand, but also the message being broadcast. Even something as minor as grammar errors in your posts can give your brand a band reputation. Since every detail counts, none should be overlooked!

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