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Here’s a quick tip for getting more views on your Facebook page posts. When you share a link on Facebook and don’t link it then you will get greater organic reach. Facebook doesn’t like sharing stuff that will take the user off of Facebook…here’s why.

I don’t think it’s any secret that Facebook makes money from paid ads, the longer a user is on Facebook the more paid ads they will see. This means Facebook makes more money.

So, to have your posts seen by as many of your fans as possible don’t let the link embed in the post…make it look like this:

I have been experimenting with this lately on some clients’ posts, and the reach goes up considerably compared to similar posts that are linked.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t ever link your posts, but just know that when you do, your organic reach diminishes.  Those posts simply need to be repeated, and that’s an article for another day!

Link Your Facebook Cover Photo

Here’s another quick and easy “Best Practices” tip for your Facebook page. Be sure to create a link to your website, connected to your FB page’s main cover image. There is plenty of room for a nice description of your business or whatever special link you may want to put there. Many people will click your main image and you can miss an easy site hit by not linking it.

To view an example you can check mine out here:

Like Facebook tips? You should probably read this: Facebook Loves Video!

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