A Meme and Your Personality

When making a graphics-only post (such as a meme) or sharing a video in a social media channel, one “best practice” always try to make some small comment. Even if it’s only something like “Lol!” or “True!”, followers like to see you engaged in your posts.

Besides that, it gives you little opportunities to let your personality show through your business persona, which is quite important on social media. Because it is, after all, social!

People get a chance to see what you think is funny or inspirational, and can even get glimpses into your personal values. And remember, on social media we aren’t always driving for a sales pitch. We’re seeking to let people see a little of who we are. This helps followers, who are potential customers, get more comfortable with us and build some trust and credibility.

I know, it’s much easier to just toss a meme or cat video onto your timeline without having to write anything. And really, every once in a while, that’s probably okay. But if your goal is to build trust, then you need to let them hear your social media voice.

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