July 21, 2017

Why Us?

Throughout our 16 year history, our primary focus has been on serving our customers.   We listen to you.  We’ll help you focus and translate your vision to your own unique and authentic online presence. And this helps you engage and convert customers and grow your business.  Being personally and locally accessible in an age of phone trees and outsourced labor is very important to our customers, almost as important as our ability to create outstanding websites.  We bring artistic creativity, attention to detail, and our knowledge of effective online marketing to small business owners at an unusually good price.

Contracting Ozark Web Design to develop and maintain your website or Social Media is like having your very own design staff.  Owner and designer Mike Knapp is available by email, phone, Skype and Facebook.  Simply email updates and we typically publish to your website within 24 to 48 hours, or sooner if there is a need for immediacy.

You shouldn’t have to choose between going over budget or settling for clunky websites and ineffective social media. There are many top-tier website design companies that produce extraordinary websites at extraordinary prices. And generally things like search engine optimization are a pricey extra. Ozark Web Design is capable of producing comparable high quality websites at a percentage of the cost.

Let Ozark Web Design handle your various web design and digital marketing needs to ensure consistency of your vision and to free up your valuable time.

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