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Minnesota tee shirts

Minnesota tee shirts

Screaming Eagle screen prints Minnesota tee shirts for small and medium-sized businesses. A lot of our Minnesota clients ask us how to print their own shirts, and if you have only one or a very low volume of shirts to print, you might better offer using the DIY approach. If you take the DIY approach, you're going to need a screen, a squeegee, and some photo emulsion. This stuff comes in two parts.

You'll add a little water to the bottle of sensitizer and mix it up. This loosens it from the sides of the bottle, and then you can pour it into the emulsion. Then, you'll mix it all together well until it's a consistent green color. It may take a while, but you'll want to make sure you make it fully consistent. Once you have it right, you'll pour a tiny bit onto the screen. Make sure to get the entire surface where your art will be and make sure it is really even.

Placing Your Design on the Screen

The next part is a very important part of the tee-shirt screen printing process. You'll want to put a fan on your screen and shut the light off while it dries. Dry the screen in the dark. Once the screen is dry, you will want to work quickly because this stuff is photosensitive.

Print out your art on some transparencies, which can be done at any office supplies store. You'll place them backward on the back of the screen. You'll next lay a piece of glass over them to push them down against the screen and then set a very bright light on top of it for about 30-45 minutes.

The light hardens the emulsion that is not covered by the design. You can use a light spray and soft toothbrush to help remove this area. The way printing works is that the green area acts as a mask, and the white or light area lets the ink through the surface that you're printing on.

Adding the Finishing Touches on Your Tee-Shirt

Next, lay out your shirt and place your screen on top of it. You'll add a nice, thick bead of the screen printing ink. If you can, have someone else hold your screen and then pull the squeegee down across your print. This will make sure that your screen remains fixed in position over your tee-shirt.

Contact Screaming Eagle for the Fastest Minnesota Tee-Shirts

At Screaming Eagle, we use a full-fledged printing press, which makes the process much faster and easier, but the concept is exactly the same. Remember, when your shirt is printed, you will want to heat set them by tossing them in the dryer for a few minutes.

In the meantime, if you have an order of tee-shirts that you need screen printed, We'd love to help you. We can print and ship to any direction. Let us know how we can help or enjoy printing your own tee-shirts.

Minnesota tee shirts
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Minnesota tee shirts Minnesota tee shirts

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