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Spending time writing an article for another website may seem counterproductive when trying to grow your blog. However, in the digital marketing landscape, guest blogging remains a trusted technique that continues to get results. Finding relevant guest blogging opportunities can be a daunting task for businesses, bloggers, and marketers, looking to increase their outreach in the digital space. And, it can be even more challenging to find high quality blogs for guest posting.

Guest blogging is mutually beneficial for the guest poster and the blog on which the post is published. How? The blog and website owners are always looking for informative, original, and value-oriented content relevant to their niche, and guest blogger benefits by building relevant links from authoritative sites. Guest blogging is an effective marketing strategy. It helps boost market reputation, recognition among the target audience and builds authority while forging relationships with other bloggers in the same niche. 

High-Quality Blogs

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We, at Ozark Web Design, with locations at Lake of the Ozarks and Springfield, MO, are a leading web design and digital marketing agency. We have a collective experience of nearly three decades of designing beautiful, appealing, and optimized websites and offering a wide range of result-oriented SEO and related digital marketing services to our local clients in Springfield, Missouri and Lake of the Ozarks, and across the Midwest. 

With years of experience in digital marketing, we know and understand the importance of guest blogging in SEO. It is why we’ve opened doors to our website for competent guest bloggers. We can build stronger relationships with fellow bloggers while serving the mutually beneficial purpose of increasing outreach, link building, content marketing, and offering value to end-users. The guest blogging opportunities offered by us are not limited to, but to several other quality blogs for guest posting and websites that we manage in different niches.

At Ozark Web Design, we have accumulated a significant amount of digital resources over the years across various industries/niches, which helps us offer diversified guest blogging opportunities to bloggers and our local and national clients. 

So, whether you’re a guest blogger, link builder, or even a writer – perhaps you can blog for us, create high-quality links with us, or write for us to expand your portfolio of published articles on high-authority blogs. 

Blog Article Promotion: You Get More Than a Link

There is much more that goes into hosting guest blog posts the way that we do it. For instance, we scrupulously edit for grammatical errors, structure, and good SEO so that the search engines will like your article. But in addition to this, we will promote the article on our extensive social media network, blog aggregators, and will build high-quality links to the post. By doing this, we help both the guest post writer and ourselves.

From beginning to end, we will spend 2 – 3 hours editing, optimizing, publishing, and promoting your article. This, plus the knowledge of the value of a guest-posting link with this type of promotion, is the reason that we charge $100 and up for guest articles.

We purchase licensed images and make sure that at least one or two are optimized with your primary keyword(s). In addition, we will even post your article in PDF form on a few websites, creating additional links back to your site. On exceptional articles, we may create a summary video of the article and post it on video-sharing websites. And we always create social links and signals in the months that follow, keeping the article fresh.

We highly recommend that you do your part in promoting your post, too, by sharing it on your social media sites.

This is an example of a video we made for a recent guest post article on our own website.

Presently, we are accepting articles in these niches:

  • Blogging, Web Design, Digital Marketing, SEO, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Local SEO
  • Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Startup Business Tips, Local Business
  • Roofing, Gutters, Siding, Home Maintenance Tips, Curb Appeal
  • Landscaping, Gardening, Outdoor Living Spaces, Landscaping with Natural Stone
  • Boating, Docks, Fishing, Lake Lifestyle

Before you create or submit a guest post, please contact us while also taking time to review our writing/guest post submission guidelines.

What are your guest posting guidelines?

  • We retain the right to refuse any article for any reason and without explanation.
  • Content should have a professional and respectful tone to the readers. 
  • The content should be well-researched, insightful, and offer value to the audience while being search engine optimized at the same time. Offensive or inaccurate guest posts are not accepted.
  • The minimum number of words needs to be no less than 500 words of original content, able to pass a Copyscape submission. Previously published or plagiarized work will be rejected outright. Only original works are allowed.
  • The article should include no more and no less than 1 image per 500 words, with any image alt text optimization, included.  We can provide relevant, optimized images. If you are providing images, obtain permission for the images you use in the article, and cite the source. We reserve the right to refuse any image and replace it.
  • The article must be relevant and pertinent to one of the market niches cited above. We will require at least one or two sentences that are pertinent to the hosting blog.
  • The content shall not be promotional posts for your brand, company, product, services, or organization.
  • Write the content with a focus on the blog audience. 
  • The articles should follow a neat and linear format containing introduction, sub-headings, bullet-points where necessary, conclusion, and key takeaways. The content should have a flow and must be easy to read. 
  • Link the data or statements used in the article to its source(s).
  • Submit a short bio (maximum 60 words) along with your picture (if desired). The bio can include a maximum of two links to your website. 
  • We allow 1 do-follow link. The link must be contextually relevant and written naturally (no forced text), placed inside the content. Any other links to your website will be no-follow links, which also have their own value.
  • All articles accepted and posted on one of our blogs will become the property of that blog owner.
  • We review every guest post submission, and the process may take up to 1-2 weeks.  

Get started today!

Our portfolio of high-authority blogs for guest posting and internet properties continues to increase with time. So, if you’re looking for guest blogging opportunities in niches other than the ones mentioned above, do check in with us.

Our web properties, including, have high authority in their respective niches, and more details about our blogs’ portfolio are available on request. If you’re looking for relevant and high-authority guest blogging opportunities, contact Ozark Web Design today.

We look forward to your guest post submissions.

Hand holding smartphone with social media network icons indicating sharing guest blog posts.

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