Facebook Loves Video

Facebook loves video–especially live video and video hosted on your FB page!

We’ll save live video as a topic for another time, so here are a few important things to know about posting regular videos.

Facebook’s algorithm always, and I do mean always, looks to see whether you have uploaded your vids to Facebook and are not just posting a YouTube link. Why? Uh, maybe because they are… COMPETITORS!

I have experimented with this and when I post a YouTube hosted video my viewership is seldom more than 10% unless I get some organic help (more on this in a moment). That’s awful. However, when I upload it to Facebook and share it, it performs 4 to 5 times as well WITHOUT organic help! In short, they reward you for using their service.

About organic help: this is when someone on your page, one of those lucky 10% who happen to get your YT vid in their feed (and providing they are actually online in a timely enough manner to even see your vid!), if one or more of those people react or respond to it, or better yet, share it, you get a little algorithmic boost. Sharing is *much* better.

Now, if you have acted wisely and kept your FB page separate from your personal account, you can occasionally–repeat after me, “OCCASIONALLY”–share your own page video in your personal feed and get a nice little boost. Don’t do this often, because you will burn out many of your regular friends, and that is a topic for another time.

So in short, don’t be lazy by simply posting your video links from YouTube. Take the time to upload them to your Facebook page, and they will perform much better. ~ MK


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